Friday, October 13, 2006

You shouldn't be reading this

Well, this blog is just of the kind of dual-use that Steve Yegge had in mind: Making up one's mind and training writing. So as much as I would like readership I can hardly expect them. I like reading Steve's blog; usually they are long essay-style texts carefully crafted, and also happening to be in my line of thought yet inspiring. And he gets to points from seemingly unrelated starting points which I think is much better than just stating the point. At least when it's written in an entertaining way, which he usually does. No idea how much work he puts into that stuff.

Most other blogs feature rather shorter texts that just pound out a point or two (or even just an annoyance without any actual positive ending); I seem not to like those as much. Good thing about them: technical solutions presented there are preserved for googling, which sometimes made me want to write up stuff that I found out myself and isn't quite in any howto, for example.

For me, blogging work seems to happen primarily at late weekend evenings (when the next day need not start early). Don't be fooled by the posting times, by the way; I'm probably not sitting in the same time zone as you are.

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