Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rigging your Poll, #2781

A majority of germans would accept more video surveillance in railway stations (german) to fight terrorism. Says the headline. Now, the actual poll asked whether said surveillance would increase security. Note the difference?

I am actually quite convinced that monitoring every fart of the population would will provide less opportunity to do stupid things. But this is a far cry from whether I would accept cuts to my personal freedom, which I don't. Just look at the numbers. Getting innocently killed in a car accident is still must more probably than getting killed in a terror strike, even with 9/11. But for some reason nobody wants to cut driver's freedom to make traffic safer. Strange, isn't it?

Also, I fear to some extent that massive surveillance will not actually prevent terrorist acts. Even the israeli don't succeed in that. What will be easier is to identify the terrorists after the fact which is pretty pointless with the current crop of suicide terrorists.

At least I'm not the first one to notice, so I don't need create an account with them to be able to file a comment.

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