Wednesday, December 23, 2009

svn needs IDE integration

It's funny; all the world craves for svn integration for their IDE and doesn't want git because of lack of such integration. On the other hand I am quite happy without the integration, but then I was raised on a command line.

And then I noticed that, for the usual IDEs (java dev, that is), you need IDE integration for svn for a very simple reason: refactoring. If you rename or repackage a class, the source file changes location, and svn needs to record that as a file rename, and you need to tell it so. Now, if the IDE has moved the file, you can't do again with svn, and that would be the only way to make svn to know the move. (You could stop the IE, move the file back and then with svn move it forth again, but...shudder.)

Thus the IDE must be able to talk directly with svn. It's not just a question of avoiding a suboptimal command line, it's a necessity. With git, on the other hand, there is no such need as it does not directly track renames anyway and is much smarter about them and merging.

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