Tuesday, April 07, 2009

There isn't enough coffee in the universe

EVS is me going "Screw it, I'm not playing any more" and writing a
system that can talk to anything, given enough time and coffee.

And this mail came after a loooong day filled with nothing actually, unless you count trying in vain to get some GeForce running with openSuSE as work. (Which would have been fun if the driver would not only support portrait mode but also draw correctly and use the panel's natural resolution. eclipse look quite good on a portrait screen.)

Anyway, how can one get the idea that all version control systems are basically created equal, and that that is enough to write an universal server that can talk each protocol equally and fully? Even with cvs you can trivially create a repository than can't be converted to, say, git, and vice versa create a repository in git that can't be represented in cvs. In the latter case the revisions would all be there, but the merge information would be missing.

If you take out all the edge cases, that is, sufficiently many of them, then it may be made to work. But neither would many existing repositories match those requirement, nor would the resulting functionality be very interesting.

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