Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spell checking

hiking stick point
A blog post completely irrelevant to this topic complained that some software's spell checker did not know firefox and some others. Reminds me primarily that I practically never used them. The wiggly red line just had too many false positives. I seem to have a rather good spell checker built in anyway, and I wondered what an external checker would do to the internal one.

I found a strange analogy. This year I had a hiking stick (of the old-fashioned kind), and in the mountains it still had snow. The stick proved very useful to keep the balance crossing small snow fields, or, more exactly: It made me feel saver, but it damaged my ability to cross them without its help.

Although this analogy is quite probably limping, I shall continue to stay away from spell checkers. And let haskell check my spells.

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