Friday, March 02, 2007


When aboard a plane, give me a seat and a window, and I'm happy. Give me a stewardess telling me to close the window so that the sun does not keep the guy on the other side watching the move, and I'm not happy.

Looking around in business class I notice that most people don't care at all that they're just experiencing mankind's dream come true. As Richard Bach said, this is aviation, not flying, and thus these people don't care just how they get to Cairo, only make it fast. And that happens to be by air. Since most of them aren't good at waiting for the arrival, there is also a lot of entertainment of diverse kind abord.

Who would book a flight just to be able to watch a movie? And yet that is exactly what happens: Sit down and turn on the flick, even one they wouldn't think of going to the movies for. Just because there isn't anything else to do. Remember: When you're bored, it's because you're boring.

The trick of flying isn't, by the way, to fling yourself on the ground and miss it, as Douglas Adams had it. Actually, that's orbiting. You need to stand high enough and throw yourself not directly to earth but a bit to the side, and voila, your in a rather elliptical orbit if you manage to actually miss the earth (and the atmospehere). Flying is simply to throw down enough air so that in exchange you can stay up.

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